Fisheries Information

Fisheries Management System (FMS)

The implementation of the FMS program and the work conducted by the data entry clerk has also provided the band with updated data for the entire fishery fleet and this ongoing data collection will allow for accurate forecasting and management of the fishery. The data collected includes: a complete inventory of all the fisheries assets, fisher information regarding courses, etc., fishing trips, vessel maintenance, vessel upgrades required, landings, quotas and costs per trip. Based on the size of the fleet this position has developed into a full time position as a data entry clerk and as an Administrative Assistant to the fishery management. As well as Assistant to Director of Fisheries in various fishing related matters.


Band Operated Vessels

These vessels are owned by the band, the captains and deckhands are paid a weekly salary, and all expenses are covered by the band. Fuel, Bait, Insurance, Wharf fees maintenance and haulings.

Cam Waters

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Marshall Vessels

Owned by the band, revenue from catch is retained by the fishermen. Band captures 15% from the purchasers weekly statements for the following items: wharf fees ,hauling (if applicable) Insurance and any deficit but this is covered by the 15%.


Brittney D

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Core Vessels

No compensation from the Band. No coverage from the band. Privately owned business.


Shore Based Assets 

The Band owns two houses and an annex  in Cheticamp, Nova Scotia where the  Lobster and Snow Crab fleet operates from during season. These homes are used by the fish harvesters during harvest season. The homes are used off season by community hunters, elders and youths for special events.

On site is a storage building used for the traps and equipment. Operations are assisted in Cheticamp by Alfred Deveaux and Bruno Gaudet.

The site is about 300 km from Pictou Landing.



Pictou Landing First Nation Compound

6591 Pictou Landing Road

Office supplies & equipment, Fishing Gear, Ropes, Traps, Buoy’s,Tools, Snow Blower, Lawnmowers, Generators,  Compressors, 4×4 F-450 Truck 2010, Boat Motors, 10 Picnic Tables, 2 Boats, 3 Canoes, 8 Tuna rods, 2 Kite Rods
Cheticamp Brown House

(5 Bedroom/2 Bathroom)

 1257 Belle Marche Rd.

Appliances, microwave, fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, range hood, furniture, TV, 2 couches, beds, tables, lamps, dishes
Cheticamp Brown House Barn

1257 Belle Marche Rd.

Buoys, traps (lobster& Snow Crab), ropes, crates, riding lawn mower
Cheticamp White House

(8 Bedroom/2 Bathroom)

1315 Belle Marche Rd.

Appliances, fridge, stove, washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, range hood, furniture, couches, beds, tables, TV, 19 new beds (2011)
Detached Building (2 Bedroom/2Bathroom)

1315 Belle Marche Rd.

Beds, table, 2 dressers
Pictou Landing Wharf Mooring facilities, storage yard
Sinclair’s Island Wharf Mooring facilities


Species- Lobster, Snow Crab, Tuna, Rock Crab, Mackerel, Herring/Mackerel(Bait), Scallop, Herring, Ground fish, Salmon, Eels, Clams, Oyster, Seal, Smelts, SARA, Squid, Swordfish, Gaspereau, and Marine Plant.