Sewer Treatment Plant

New Wastewater Treatment Plant Helps Protect Community Health and the Environment

A new sewage treatment facility is now under construction at Pictou Landing. The plant is scheduled to begin operation by year end. The new plant includes a biological treatment system. It replaces an aging unit in the original plant that performed well for decades but has now reached end of life. The new plant offers greater protection for our community and the environment because it has larger capacity as well as the reliability and ease of operation needed to consistently meet the demands of our growing population.  The original plant will continue to deliver value. It will house a pumping station and its tanks will be used to contain flow during peak demand.

The new plant was design by Strait Engineering Port Hawkesbury, NS. The heart of the plant is Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) manufactured by Hannah Environmental Equipment of Ottawa. . Over the past 40 years hundreds of customers, including many First Nations, have relied on the members of the Hannah family to supply and service RBCs. article

 Why are mechanical treatment systems so important? During the first half of the 20th century, population growth along waterways without treatment caused serious pollution, fish kills, algal blooms and contamination of drinking water. Fortunately there is now a growing awareness that biotechnology like the RBCs provided by Hannah Environmental Equipment Inc., are needed so that we can continue to use our lakes, rivers and streams for fishing, swimming and drinking water.

The RBC is based on, and accelerates, a natural process. The treatment process uses ingredients provided mother nature to remove pollution. The RBC consists of a large rotor made up of many discs mounted on a horizontal shaft. About 40% of the disk surface is submerged in the wastewater while 60% is exposed to air. A small amount of electricity is used to rotate the shaft and disks. The disk’s large surface area combines naturally occurring microbes in the wastewater and with oxygen from the atmosphere. The microbes breathe when they’re out of the wastewater and consume pollutant when in the wastewater.

The Rotating Biological Contactor from Hannah Environmental Equipment Inc was selected by Pictou Landing because it provides proven, low cost, quiet and concealed sewage treatment with no noticeable odor and no dangerous open ponds or tanks.  

When compared to many other treatment technologies, RBCs are easier to operate and maintain, which means they are ideally suited for communities where waste treatment is a required but resources are limited.