Boat Harbour

Staff Introduction

As a part of the Boat Harbour Remediation Project, it was determined that a Community Liaison Coordinator would be hired to work closely with our Community, Chief and Council, representatives of the Province of Nova Scotia, and private sector consultants and contractors to assist with opening the lines of communication between all stakeholders.

After a series of interviews, we would like to welcome Michelle Francis-Denny as the successful applicant who has been awarded this position. As this position evolves, she will be the community contact and will be heavily involved with informing and involving the community of activities, impacts and opportunities related to the Boat Harbour Project, as well as managing a PLFN based office for the project.

Contact Information:

Michelle Francis-Denny

Community Liaison – Boat Harbour Remediation Project –  (902) 752-4912  or (902) 759-4929




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