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Pictou Landing First Nation History


The Lnu or Mi’kmaq were part of the Algonquin nation, a large nation that occupied the eastern coast of what is now North America from Virginia to Labrador. Within the Algonquin nation, the Lnu occupied a large territory including what is now known as Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, eastern and northern New Brunswick and the Gaspe area of Quebec.

The Lnu lived a traditional life as fishers, hunters and gatherers throughout their territory including in and around a small tidal estuary connected by a narrow channel to the Northumberland Strait near what is now known as Pictou Landing. It was near this estuary that the ancestors of the Pictou Landing First Nation lived on a seasonal basis. The estuary was a bountiful source of a variety of food including fish, eels, crustaceans and shellfish. They hunted and trapped near its shores. The estuary provided a safe harbour for vessels and a sheltered recreational area. The estuary was so important to the life of the ancestors that they treated it as part of their home and called it “A’Se’K” (pronounced “Ah-sag”) which means “the other room” in Lnu.  

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